SurveyGizmo SaaS User Role

This workflow block allows you to read a user’s role and last login date from SurveyGizmo. In order to enable this, you need to select this from the list of available SaaS User integrations and then provide the following parameters in configuration:

API Token / API Token Secret

  • You can find your API token and secret via following steps:
    1. Expand Security on the left hand panel
    2. Select the API Access under the Security
    3. Click “Create an API Key“ button
    4. Copy and paste the API Key and API Secrete Key to the Authorization tab of the API block
  • Note: API token and secret are both added in params

Deactivate User

  • If it’s checked, the SaaS user will be deactivated in the Oomnitza system if the user was not found in the SaaS.

We typically recommend creating a separate user for these integrations rather than creating the key / token from within an existing named user.

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