Requesting a Custom Extended Connector

In order to build out your IT estate within Oomnitza, you may want to integrate several systems that contain asset or user data, such as client management systems, endpoint security systems, network scanner and more to establish Oomnitza as your single pane of glass for the entire IT estate. 



With our move to the new extended connectors in the Fall 2020 release, we are making huge improvements on how connectors are defined and are now able to quickly connect to any REST based API and ingest the data into Oomnitza. We also understand that there may be cases where you require an additional integration to get added that is currently not available from within our Software catalog. For these cases, feel free to send a support request to us and we will work with you to quickly integrate any additional system and make it available within our Software catalog. This article outlines what information you should gather before you submit a request into Oomnitza support.

At a glance, we would need following information about the new system to be integrated with Oomnitza:

  1. Name and vendor of the system
  2. Type of objects (Assets, Users, SaaS Users, ...) to be integrated
  3. Is the system a SaaS System or on premise? If on premise, is it available via a public URL?
  4. Does the system have a REST API to read a list of objects requested in step 1?
    1. Is there a documentation link or API docs available?
    2. What type of authentication is required for this (plain, token based, oAuth2, ...)?
    3. Any additional detail you have about the REST API would be appreciated and help us to deliver such connector faster.
  5. Is there a test system available that we can use to test the connector?
    1. if yes, please provide URL and a sample user for us to use.
    2. The sample user provided will need at least access to read the desired objects, any other related attributes, and the ability to generate the appropriate API credentials and/or access the API, depending on the system's configuration and permission capabilities.
  6. Who is the main contact on your side to work with our team on this?
  7. Any deadlines that you are working towards where this connector needs to be in place?

Once you submit this information we will get in touch with you to discuss next steps and how soon we can make the new connector available to you. We will do our best to deliver these additional connectors as fast as possible, however please also understand that due to technical requirements we may not be able to fulfill each and every request. That is if the requested connector requires an additional authentication mechanism or has other technical requirements that are not yet supported a delivery of such may take longer.

We are looking forward to hear from you and work together with you to capture the entire IT estate within Oomnitza.


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