Creating a Single Pane of Glass

One of the biggest enhancements provided by Oomnitza’s Fall ‘20 release is the ability to create a single pane of glass that allows you to view your entire IT estate. By simplifying Oomnitza’s ability to integrate with REST APIs, we can pull data from nearly any system with minimal work, vastly expanding what data can be accessed and utilized within Oomnitza.

The Single Pane of Glass

Imagine that you’re looking at an Elephant through a tiny window. You can see it’s tail, but can’t tell what animal it is, and you know that there’s more to be seen. You have to go to another window, and see it’s trunk, and another window to see it’s ears, and yet another window to see it’s body, but you find yourself frustrated you can’t see the whole darn elephant. 

Your IT Estate is the same way. To understand a single asset you might have to view information in Jamf, Sophos, Automox, Intune, Meraki, and more. On top of that, in order to understand the array of physical and virtual assets that exist within your network, you may also be using Airwatch, LDAP, Chrome Devices, AWS, VMWare, and more. Given this spread of systems, you’re faced with a frustratingly large amount of windows.

Oomnitza can help. We let you merge those windows -- pull all that information into one place, and provide a single pane of glass -- a single window -- to view that information, to streamline, and to use it to power automations across your entire data landscape.

Adding New Integrations to Oomnitza

Oomnitza’s Fall ‘20 release adds Extended Asset and User Connectors that simplify how new sources of data are added to Oomnitza and allows new systems to be integrated with Oomnitza at a rapid pace. Off the bat, we gain the ability to integrate with:

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Patch Management
  • Cloud Products
  • Virtualization and Container Management
  • Firewalls, Network Equipment

Creating your Single Pane of Glass

In addition to adding more connectors, these new connectors are quick and easy to set up. Rather than requiring a script that runs on a virtual machine, they can be set up entirely in Oomnitza. Additionally, with enhancements to mappings, and the inclusion of a Credential Vault to keep credentials secure, the new Extended Connectors can be setup, scheduled, and activated in minutes.

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