Chromebooks Connector

Oomnitza's Chromebooks Connector allows organizations to pull device information from Google Workspace Device Management and populate it in Oomnitza.

Standard Mappings

The following fields can be mapped from Chromebooks using Oomnitza's User Interface:

  • Serial number
  • Annotated user
  • Annotated location
  • Annotated asset identifier
  • Last sync time
  • MAC address for wireless interface
  • MAC address for ethernet interface
  • Firmware version
  • RAM total
  • Boot mode
  • Model
  • MEID
  • Notes
  • OS version
  • Platform version
  • Status
  • Support end date (if available)
  • Support auto renew (if available)
  • Unique ID of the Chrome device}

Custom Mappings

Additional fields and Extension Attributes may be available through Chromebooks. For details on how to retrieve them, please reach out to or see our article on Creating Custom Field Mappings.


Details on setting up the Oomnitza Connector can be found in Oomnitza's Articles on Connector Setup. 

The key information required from Chromebooks includes:

  • Service_Account_Impersonate - When the Connector access chrome devices, it needs to pretend to be a Google User. This can be the email of any user, or a service user, with read access to devices.
  • Service_Account_Json_Key - A Service Account Json Key with Domain Wide Authority and the following scope:
    For assistance setting up Chromebooks credentials, please contact

The full config file should also contain the following fields:

  • Enable - When True, turns the Chromebooks connector on. When False turns the Chromebooks connector off.

A sample Chromebooks config can be found below.

enable = True
service_account_impersonate =
service_account_json_key = {"type": "service_account", "project_id": "project-id", "private_key_id": "key-id", "private_key": "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\nprivate-key\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n", "client_email": "service-account-email", "client_id": "client-id", "auth_uri": "", "token_uri": "", "auth_provider_x509_cert_url": "", "client_x509_cert_url": ""}
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