How To: Create Date and Time fields

To ensure support of an array of use cases and data sources, Oomnitza fields can be configured to support multiple Date and Time formats. 

Creating a Date or Time Field

To create a date or time field, navigate to the Oomnitza Module of your choice, select "Customization" and click "Add" in the upper right. 


When creating a Date/Time field, select "DateTime" from the Data type field. You'll then be prompted to select a Sub-type. The Sub-type you select will determine how dates and times are stored and displayed for the given field.

Date & Time: Displays the date and time for the given value in Local Time.

Date Only: Displays solely the date in UTC.

Local Date: Displays solely the date, adjusted to Local Time.

NOTE: Oomnitza doesn't currently support switching from a Date & Time to a Date Only field, as the method of storing data in these fields is different. If you need to switch the data type of a field, please reach out to for guidance. 


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