SOTI MobiControl for Mobile Assets

Let Oomnitza be your single source of truth!

You'll get complete visibility of your mobile assets as data from SOTI MobiControl is automatically transformed into consumable information and actionable insights.

Connect Oomnitza and SOTI MobiControl in minutes

Get the information and insights that you need to reduce costs and the time that you spend on administration tasks such as:

  • Configurable dashboards and list views of key mobile asset information
  • Configurable reports to share information about mobile assets with your colleagues and management
  • Configurable workflows that you can easily create such as:
    • Workflows for automating onboarding and offboarding tasks
    • Workflows for identifying lost and stolen mobile assets
    • Workflows for ensuring that the latest software upgrades and virus definitions are installed on mobile assets

Before you start

To stream SOTI MobiControl data into Oomnitza, you must add 0Auth 2.0 credentials to the credentials vault in Oomnitza. To do this, you create 0Auth 2.0 credentials. Then, you use the 0Auth 2.0 credentials when you add credentials to the Oomnitza vault.

blue_link.svg Using the SOTI MobiControl REST API  

Add credentials to the vault in Oomnitza

To authorize connections between Oomnitza and Hold360, you must add the 0Auth 2.0 credentials that you received for SOTI MobiControl to the credentials vault in Oomnitza.

  1. Log into Oomnitza.
  2. Click Settings > Credentials, and then click Add new credential (+).
  3. Add the information and authorization details.
  4. Enter the user name and password of a SOTI MobiControl account with administration  privileges for the SOTI MobiControl REST API.
  5. Authenticate and click Create

Client ID and Client Secret

Add the client ID and secret that was generated when you created 0Auth 2.0 credentials for SOTI MobiControl.

Customer domain

Enter your customer domain. For example, your URL is http:// . In this case, you enter the highlighted part of the URL, which is .

blue_link.svg Learn more about Oomnitza vault

Next step

You use the credentials that you added to create and customize your SOTI MobiControl integration with Oomnitza.

Integrate SOTI MobiControl with Oomnitza

Info and connect details

  1. Click Settings.
  2. On the Integrations page, scroll down to the Extended section for Assets.
  4. In the New Asset Integration sidebar, click SOTI MobiControl.
  5. To integrate Oomnitza with the SOTI MobiControl Devices Asset Load, click APPLY and then click NEXT twice.

On the Connect page, complete these steps:

  1. Enter a descriptive name for the integration such as SOTI MobiControl Assets. That'll be the name of the integration that is shown on the Integrations page.
  2. Select Cloud as the installation type.
  3. From the Credentials list, select the credentials from the Oomnitza vault that you added for the connection.
  4. Enter the name of the user of the integration.
  5. Enter the URL for SOTI MobiControl. For example, if the URL is, you enter the highlighted part of the URL, which is myexample .
  6. Click Next.


Map the SOTI MobiControl fields to Oomnitza fields and create custom mappings to get the information that you need to manage your desktop assets.

blue_link.svg Learn more about mapping

When you've completed mapping SOTI MobiControl fields to Oomnitza fields, click NEXT


By default, SOTI MobiControl data is streamed to Oomnitza once every day.

You can configure the schedule to meet your needs such as changing the interval or changing the time so that the data is streamed when your system isn't busy.

  1. Configure your schedule.
  2. Click FINISH.


A new tile is created for the integration on the Integrations page. 

What to do next

If you want to see what information is collected now, click the tile on the Integrations page and click RUN.

If you want to change the integration settings, you can click a navigation link on the page, such as 4 Mappings, and edit the settings. 

To view the information that is collected about your mobile assets, click Assets.

Take advantage of built-in presets to automate tasks

To automate onboarding and offboarding tasks and complete device actions, such as installing or updating plugins on Android devices, you can create workflows .

  1. Click Assets > Workflow.
  2. Click Add (+) and enter the name and description of the workflow.
  3. Click Add new.
  4. Drag and drop the API block in the Sandbox.
  5. Select a preset:
    • SOTI MobiControl Delete Device
    • SOTI MobiControl Delete Device User
    • SOTI MobiControl Set Device User
    • SOTI MobiControl Device Actions. See Table: List of supported actions.  
  6. Configure your workflow.
  7. Validate, launch, and save your workflow.

blue_link.svg Understanding Workflows

Unleash the power of Oomnitza

To get valuable actionable insights that help you manage your assets, learn how to:

  • Configure dashboards for your assets
  • Configure workflows for automating onboading and offboarding employees and tracking lost and stolen assets
  • Configure custom reports about your assets 

blue_link.svg See Getting started.

SOTI MobiControl actions

When you create a device action workflow, you are asked to enter the action. In the table below, a list of the actions that are supported in Oomnitza are provided. 

Information source
SOTI MobiControl provided the list of actions that is shown in the table below. To open the original source of this information, replace the {customer domain} part of the URL with your customer domain and then enter this URL in your browser: https://{customer_domain}/MobiControl/api/docs/index#!/Devices/Devices_ExecuteAction

Table: List of supported actions

Action Description
AdsInstallPlugIns Installs or updates plugin for an Android device
AllowExchangeAccess Allow device to access Exchange server through the Enterprise Resource Gateway
AllowSotiSurf Allow device to access content delivered through the SOTI Surf application
AppFeedbackUpdate Request the Android device to upload a report containing any changes in its app status to Google Play Server
AppleSoftwareUpdateRefreshStatus Request the Apple device to refresh OS update status
AppleSoftwareUpdateScan Request the Apple device to send a list of available OS updates
AppleSoftwareUpdateSchedule Request the Apple device to update the OS
BlockExchangeAccess Allow device to access exchange server through the Enterprise Resource Gateway
BlockSotiHub Block Access to SOTI Hub
BlockSotiSurf Block Access to SOTI Surf
BypassActivationLock Bypasses activation lock on the device
Checkin Requests the device to communicate with the server and update its information
ClearRestrictions Clears the restrictions password and restrictions set by the user on the device
ClearSotiSurfCache Clear SOTI Surf cache
Disable Disconnects a device from the MobiControl deployment server. Disconnected devices will not receive configuration changes or updates from MobiControl until they are re-enabled
DisableAgentUpgrade Prevent devices from upgrading their agent at the next scheduled or manually requested checkin
DisableAdminMode To enter user mode (Android only). Corresponding device action in the MobiControl Web Console: "Enter User Mode"
DisableKioskMode To disable kiosk screen (Android, Windows CE, Windows Desktop Classic only). Corresponding device action in the MobiControl Web Console: "Disable Kiosk Screen"
DisableLostMode Disable Lost Mode on device
DisablePasscodeLock Disable passcode on the device
EnableAgentUpgrade Allow devices to upgrade their agent at the next scheduled or manually requested checkin
EnableAdminMode To enter admin mode (Android only). Corresponding device action in the MobiControl Web Console: "Enter Admin Mode"
EnableKioskMode To enable kiosk screen (Android, Windows CE, Windows Desktop Classic only). Corresponding device action in the MobiControl Web Console: "Enable Kiosk Screen"
EnableLostMode Enable Lost Mode on the device
FactoryReset Performs device factory reset
Locate Request the device to send its current location
Lock Request the device return to the lock screen and in some cases display a message
MigrateToELMAgent Migrate MobiControl agent on Samsung devices to the ELM agent
PlaySound Play sound on the device
ResetPasscode Reset the passcode on the target Android or Android+ device.
RemoteRing Ask the phone to ring to locate it
ScanForViruses Scan for virus on the device
SharedDeviceLogout Logs the current user out of a shared device
SharedDeviceTroubleshoot Attempts to resolve any issue experienced by a shared device during the login or logout process
SyncFilesNow Sync files now
SendMessage Sends a message to the MobiControl agent that is displayed to the active user
SoftReset Performs device soft reset
SendScript Sends a script to the device to be executed immediately upon receiving it
SendScriptViaSms Sends a script via SMS, long scripts will be separated and sent in multiple messages
SendScriptViaPns Sends a script via Platform Notification Service. (Android Plus only)
SendTestPage Print test page on the device
TurnOffSuspend Requests the device to turnoff or enter suspended state
Unenroll Request the device remove its management configuration, all organization information, and return to an unmanaged state
UpdateVirusDefinition Request the device to update its virus definitions
UpgradeAgentNow Upgrade agent immediately if the agent has already enabled for upgrade
UpdateLicense Upgrade agent immediately if the agent has already enabled for upgrade
Wipe Request a complete erase of the device and restore it to factory defaults


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