Summer '21 Business Insights Release Notes

Oomnitza Summer 2021 Release

Knowledge is power, and having knowledge of your full range of Assets, Users, Locations, and other business objects gives you the power to effectively manage your technology portfolio. Oomnitza’s Summer 2021 release adds a suite of new features and improvements that transforms how you can use Oomnitza to manage business insights, and provides you with a deeper knowledge of your IT portfolio. 

Business Insight Improvements

In order to provide a deeper understanding of your data, Oomnitza has focused this release on improving access and visibility to your information. 

EazyBI Integration

By popular demand, Oomnitza has added it’s first integration with a Business Insight tool by partnering with EazyBI. Oomnitza’s EazyBI integration is fully built into the Oomnitza dashboard, and provides advanced cross module reporting and visualization of Assets, Users, and Locations.

Please note that there may be additional fees associated with adding this integration. For more information on Oomnitza’s EazyBI Integration, please reach out to your Oomnitza’s account manager, or contact

Color Coding on Saved Searches

Outside of the new business insights integration, Oomnitza has added fully configurable color-coding to the list view and the saved searches therein. This enhancement allows you to create additional filters within your saved searches that provide color and highlights to row, columns, and cells, making information easier to gather at a glance, and providing the ability to flag key information and export that information into excel spreadsheets.

Enhanced Monetary Value Management

To further expand Oomnitza’s business focused use cases, we’ve added a series of features to improve monetary value management, allowing you to better understand the value of your assets.

Paired Fields

The introduction of Paired Fields to Oomnitza’s suite of customization options has been expanded to allow fields to be paired with one another. This provides a template for varying currency types (for example, a decimal field used for price can be paired with a currency field, so one device can have a purchase price in dollars while another can have a price in euro or yen.) Oomnitza’s Summer 2021 release will include a currency field by default, which can be reviewed within the custom objects module.

These fields utilize Oomnitza’s new Custom Object framework, and are available within all of our customization, allowing for set modifications to existing fields, such as units or other descriptors.


Update blocks have been enhanced to allow dynamic Jinja2 to be used when modifying numeric fields, allowing for mathematical calculations to be applied to fields.

Duplicating Screen View Configurations

In order to make the most out of recent improvements to Oomnitza's screen builder, and to promote seamless integration of Oomnitza into various departments within an organization, Oomnitza has added the ability to copy screen builder views from one role to another, allowing admins to quickly customize how their teams utilize Oomnitza.

Workflow Enhancements

Oomnitza’s Summer 2021 release continues to enhance Oomnitza’s already robust workflow engine with new features and flexibility to support our enhanced business use cases.

Full Workflow Histories

Workflows are now linked across versions, allowing Oomnitza administrators to view entire workflow histories, regardless of changes to those workflows. With this feature, you can understand workflow behavior over time, including viewing past iterations of workflows.

Wait Workflow Block

A “Wait” workflow block has been added to the workflow sandbox to allow for delayed triggers to be included in workflows, such as sending notifications a set number of hours or days after the workflow triggers.

Approval Block Enhancements

Oomnitza’s Approval Block has also seen significant improvements, allowing for more flexibility and configurability.

Similar to the wait block, a timeout path has been added to the Approval Workflow block, allowing additional decisions to be made if a user fails to respond to an approval-based workflow. 

The emails sent from the approval block now allow for more configurability. Links to associated objects can now be included in Approval emails, and the Approve and Deny buttons can now be configured to reflect the action being taken. (for example “Agree” and “Decline” or “Yes” and “No” can be configured instead.)

Accessories Enhancements

Now that workers are returning to offices, and organizations are adopting hybrid models, there’s a renewed need for accessories management and in-person tasks such as device and accessory loans, as well as stockroom audits and transfers. To support these, Oomnitza is adding the following enhancements to the Accessories module, with more to come in future updates.

  • The addition of an accessories offboarding workflow block.
  • The added ability to remove assets from stockrooms when assigned.
  • The added ability for administrators to update partially completed audits.
  • The added ability to view inventories of assets when viewing assets in stockrooms.

Software Enhancements

Additionally, Oomnitza continues to expand its software management capabilities by adding the following enhancements.

  • The addition of line items to contracts, allowing multiple items to be captured within a single contract in Oomnitza’s contract module. 
  • The added ability to define thresholds for aging users, to identify users that are not logging into SaaS softwares.
  • The added ability to export users from contracts.

Together these allow for far more robust management of contracts and spend, tying back into the release’s focus on Business Insights. 

New Connectors and Integrations

Parent and Child Connector

In addition to the slew of new integrations listed below, Oomnitza has added the concept of Parent and Child Connectors. This new configuration allows an existing “parent” connector configuration to be cloned, maintaining the mappings, but allowing for configuration of different parameters, such as AWS regions or VMWare Hosts.

New Integrations and Presets

  • ManageEngine Asset Load
  • Absolute Asset Load
  • Crowdstrike Asset Load
  • MobileIron Asset Load
  • AWS EC2 Asset Details API Preset
  • AWS IAM User Details API Preset
  • Asset Count API Preset
  • Jamf Remote Device Lock API Preset
  • Jamf Remote Erase Device API Preset

Configuration Migration Phase 3

The configuration migration tool has been enhanced to support configuration packages. Now, groups of fields can be assigned to a package and migrated all at once, allowing for quick migration of connector configurations and other targeted changes.

This allows a more project based development where you can group items together and rather than having to select one item at a time when you run your migration, you can trigger all at once

Additional Enhancements

Last, but not least, the Mobile App screen builder has been updated with a new, easier to use interface, and the column selector icon has been updated to be more visible on the right hand side of the list view screen.

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