How to: Use conditional formatting to quickly identify key information in Oomnitza

Oomnitza's Conditional Formatting tool allows you easy identify the information in Oomnitza's that's most important to you by highlighting information in reports, dashboards, and saved searches based on asset and other object information.

Creating Conditional Formatting Criteria

Conditional Formatting Criteria can be created from any of Oomnitza's major modules (Assets, People, Software, Locations, Etc.) by selecting the format button  on the right hand side near Import, Export, Archive, etc. You'll be taken to the Conditional Format editor.


  • Rule Name: The name of the conditional formatting. Should generally be something easily identifiable. 
  • Highlight Area: The selection to be highlighted. Row will highlight the entire row, Cell will highlight specific cells.
  • Highlight Fields (cell only): When highlighting specific cells, allows you to select which cells will be highlighted.
  • Formatting Style: How you'd like the text to appear. The text and highlight colors available have been selected to adhere to WCAG accessibility standards.
  • Rule Criteria: Here is where you determine how rows and cells are highlighted. Please note that these filters do not support contains type filters, and thus can't be used on non-dropdown short or long text fields. 
  • Formatting is ON/OFF: Determines whether or not Conditional Formats appear in the list view.

With rules in place, you can visualize devices more easily in the list view.


Where Conditional Formats Appear

As seen above, when Formatting is ON, conditional formats will appears in the list view, but they'll also appear a few other places.

  • Saved Searches: Conditional Formats are applied to saved searches, allowing for the configuration of different color-coded views depending on the purpose of the search.
  • Asset Details: When using the highlight cell configuration for a conditional format, that cell will also be flagged and highlighted in the Asset Details view. 
  • Widgets: When a conditional format is applied to a 
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