Fall '21 Advanced SaaS Management

Fall 2021: Advanced SaaS Management

Oomnitza’s Fall 2021 release focuses on improving Oomnitza’s SaaS Management capabilities through the addition of new features and enhancements. We’ve also made a number of changes to usability and configuration to support these new features, and make Oomnitza even more flexible!

On top of that, we’re introducing major improvements to Oomnitza’s Workflow builder, including a brand new User Interface that makes workflows easier to build, with a scalable workspace to support the addition of more workflow blocks.

Advanced SaaS Management

In order to support more SaaS use cases and actively manage a wider variety of software, Oomnitza has made a number of additions and improvements to its SaaS Management Module. These changes include enhancements to contract capabilities, support for additional analysis, SaaS user uploads, best practices, and performance improvements.

This includes the following additions:

  • More diversity in SaaS Contract line items and analysis of external APIs to enhance SaaS Contract accuracy when capturing budget and actuals.
  • Added ability to capture usage metrics for SaaS Contract line items.
  • Optimized processing order for integrations to improve load times and reduce conflicts.


Oomnitza’s fall 2021 release also brings major enhancements to Oomnitza’s workflow builder, including a brand new user interface, and enhancements focused around more advanced functions, such as run time variables, complex trigger events, and the ability to further define workflows as UI actions.

  • Oomnitza has updated its Workflow to a new UI focused on better organization of blocks, and better space usage to aid in creating more complex workflows.
  • To better facilitate complex workflows, Oomnitza now allows for variables to be stored and passed between workflow blocks. This allows for multi-part API processes, and other complexity not previously possible without creating new fields.
  • To promote usage of complex and specific workflows, Oomnitza now allows workflows to be designed as UI actions, allowing them to be easily triggered outside of the standard automatic cadences when needed. 
  • Workflow triggers are also being overhauled to better support complex triggers such as New+Edit, New + Archive, and New+Edit+Archive.
  • To better understand and review how workflows run, Oomnitza has added execution paths to workflows, showing how they’ve been completed.


Oomnitza’s Fall 2021 release also includes numerous new settings and configuration additions to make Oomnitza more flexible.

  • Logos can now be uploaded directly from within Oomnitza.
  • “Not Equal” can now be used as a criteria within filters when defining roles.
  • Default values for checkboxes have been revamped to be clearer and will now default to false/off.
  • mTLS settings are now available for outbound API calls.
  • The Oomnitza legacy connector is now deployed in a docker container, for easy deployment.
  • Oomnitza’s Swagger API documentation includes new supported endpoints.
  • Users can now be assigned multiple roles to allow for more complex permission settings. 
  • Connector status is now stratified based on the previous five runs. 
    • If the last 2 runs included errors, the status will show in red.
    • If the last 2 to 5 runs were completed without errors the status will show it in yellow.
    • If the last 5 runs were completed without errors the status will show it in green.
  • oAuth credentials can now be refreshed directly from the vault.
  • Test URLs can now be stored with credentials to make re-testing easy.


In addition to configuration additions, Oomnitza has added a number of usability improvements to make the system more accessible and easier to use.

  • Accessories have been updated to use paired price/currency fields.
  • Approve and Reject buttons can now be configured with custom text (e.g. Yes/No, Accept/Reject, etc)
  • Custom lookup objects can now be configured to appear as either type-ahead or dropdown lookups.
  • Checkbox can now be included in the filter criteria when using Oomnitza’s conditional formatting tool.

Best Practices

Finally, Oomnitza has compiled a library of best practices that can be delivered directly to your instance via Oomnitza’s Configuration Migration tool. These include connector and workflow configurations for easy setup. For questions on adding Best Practices or Configuration Migration to your Oomnitza account, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email support@oomnitza.com.

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