Relational Update Block

The relational update block adds the ability to import values from one module in Oomnitza to another, using a relationship between those objects suck as "Assigned To" or "Location." 


This has many uses, such as bringing a Location from a User to all Assets assigned to that user, or noting that an Asset is on Legal Hold when Legal Hold information comes from your User connector. 

Setting up the Relational Update Block

In order to perform relational updates, you'll need to configure a few pieces of information.


Update Field: This is the field to be updated.

Related Object: The field used to related the update field with the related field. 

Related Field: The field where the value is pulled from.

In the above example, the Update field points to the "Department" value of an asset, and the Related object and Related field sections tell the workflow block to update that field with the Department value of the User to which that asset is assigned. 

Relational Updates through the Update Block.

Additionally, relational Updates can be made by using the Update Block. When using this block, User List fields have special properties that allow you to reference attributes of the associated user.

  • {{assigned_to.username}} returns the username of the assigned user.
  • {{}} returns the email of the assigned user.
  • {{assigned_to.full_name}} returns the assigned user's full name.
  • {{assigned_to.<external_id>}} additionally, entering the external ID of any field from that user will pull that attribute cross-modually.

Additionally, this applies to any User fields that may exist on a Asset or Users, such as changed_by, created_by, manager, etc.

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