The Global Settings Table

Oomnitza Version 5.0 introduces the Global Settings table into Oomnitza. This new feature is a user-facing area of Oomnitza that allows for the storage of universal variables in Oomnitza, and allows future versions of Oomnitza to be far more flexible in how it handles integrations and customization.



Available Settings

Upon release, the global settings table comes with the ability to customize two fields. The Email Header and Email Footer that are sent from Oomnitza emails, including scheduled reports and workflows. 

Email Header and Footer

By creating a field in this table with the key "!email_header" or "!email_footer" you can use HTML to create a custom header or footer for emails sent from Oomnitza. These can be used, for example, to reflect your corporate branding or change your footer to include reminders about upcoming events.

Mail Sender

The Global Settings Table also lets you specify the sender of emails that come from Oomnitza. By creating a key called "mail.Sender" and a value of the desired address (e.g., all emails sent from Oomnitza will use that value as an Alias. 

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