How To: Add Metadata to Notifications

To ensure that Oomnitza's Workflow engine can send dynamic messages, the Notification block (and a number of other blocks, such as The API Block) allow for metadata to be pulled from users and assets into the communication.

Whenever you see a field with the {...} button ( mceclip6.png) you can select a field to include from the object that triggers the workflow. It will show up in content of the message enclosed in double brackets:


SUBJECT: Your {{manufacturer}} {{model}} is approaching it's Warranty End Date
Hi {{assigned_to}},

The Device Assigned to you, {{manufacturer}} {{model}} Serial Number: {{serial_number}} will reach its Warranty End Date on {{warranty_end_date}}.

You can also add metadata manually by putting the desired field's external id between sets of double curly brackets. For example {{serial_number}} will evoke the serial number for that asset. A fields external ID can be checked by selecting that field on the customization page. 


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