How to import: Import manager


Import manager is a screen where you can find all finished and ongoing import runs (learn more about how to Upload data).

Import run details

For each import run you can see:

  1. Import run ID number
  2. Date when the import run was started and who
  3. Date and time when the import run was completed and the completion status
  4. Number of updated records, created records and records with issues
  5. Bar indicating the progress of the import run
  6. Tags section (hidden/collapsed by default)

    NOTE: Tags can be added or/and deleted by any user who has permissions to access import

  7. Option to download the import log file or/and imported file itself
  8. Option to see the mapping configuration of the import run

Filter import runs 

Hit button to access the filter configuration screen.

You can filter import runs by:

  1. Import run status
  2. User who initiated the run
  3. Date or date period when the import run was started
  4. Tags

Sort import runs

You can sort the import runs by date they were started. By default the newest runs are at the top of the list. Just click the button  to reverse the runs order.

Download the import log

Import log is a file that contains a report about the details of the completed import run.

The report is logically divided into two parts.

Part 1:

  1. Import ID
  2. Total import rows
  3. Successful rows
  4. Mapping errors
  5. API errors
  6. Canceled rows

Part 2:

  1. Rows with issues

    TIP: Here you will see the details about records caused errors during the import run.

Download import source file

You can download the import run original data source as a file in case it was represented by .CSV / .XLS / .XLSX file. For import runs based on Google Sheets the feature is not available.

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